Weekend Recap + DIY Art with Squirt Guns

Happy Monday!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – media day! It’s kind of like the first day of school for the upcoming season. It’s always a long day — especially for the players — but it’s a fun one! It will consist of photo and video shoots, both with internal parties, as well as external media. I’m looking forward to it – everyone is so excited for the season! Our social media team will be posting behind-the-scenes shots all day on our social media channels — keep an eye out! (@PelicansNBA on Instagram and Twitter)

This weekend was a productive one, though Friday was relaxing and fun! Jason was home and we cooked Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza and had one of our favorite red wines – J. Lohr Hilltop Reserve (SO good! We haven’t been able to find it anywhere but Whole Foods and, even then, they’ve only had it on a couple of occasions). It was fun to spend some time together before Jason headed to Carolina on Saturday.

Once Jason was gone, I got to work on a bunch of projects, one of which, I’m about to share! I hinted at it on social media on Saturday with the below picture:


Sunday was baking day! I made over 14 dozen cupcakes for media day/co-workers to celebrate the start of the season. I did a few different decorations that I’m excited to share and I’ll be posting my go-to recipes, too.

Now, for the project. I first saw it here and knew I had to try it. I tried two different sets of paints and, in total, the project cost less than $5!

Here’s what you need:


-Watercolor paints (you can go as cheap or as expensive as you want; during my free time in August, I taught myself–kind of–to watercolor paint, so I already had some)

-Squirt guns (got mine at the Dollar Tree)

-Watercolor paper (Less than $10 a pad; I used Strathmore 300lb watercolor paper that I already had)

-An outdoor space with clips to hang paper

The hardest part of this project was filling the guns with the paint! I used my watercolors (most are Van Gogh that I bought for painting, so I had to mix them first. Michael’s sells liquid watercolors, too, which are super easy).

Once I mixed everything, I hung my papers on the fence (it was SUCH a gray day!) and brought all of my paint-filled squirt guns outside. Then, one color at a time, I sprayed the paint on the different piece of paper in no specific order or with no plan.



The one thing I did notice, on the first group, which were made with bright, fun colors, I should have let the darker colors dry a little before spraying the lighter ones. The colors mixed a lot, which is okay, but next time, if I used the same colors, I would probably wait a little. I still loved how they came out!

For the first ones, I think I might cut out a shape, probably a heart, mount it on scrapbook paper and frame it for a friend’s daughter. These paintings were SO easy, they’re so kid-friendly, and it’d be fun to do more than just put them in a frame.


Close-up of all three:

IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113

In the second group (below), I went with colors I normally decorate with and hope to hang a pair of these at some point. Once the blues were dry, I sprayed a shimmery gold as the last layer – I’m so glad I waited, or the gold would have never shown up (it would have just mixed with the blues and gotten lost; below is a close up). I’d love to make them into 8x10s, find a nice mat and hang the pair together either above our TV in the family room or in our bedroom.


Gold detail:


Close-up of all three:




I’m pretty happy with them! This was such an easy and cheap project — it didn’t hurt that I already had the right paper and the paint, but, even still, you could use the watercolor sets that Michael’s sells for $10 and mix your paint from there. I find I gravitate to abstract art with texture and these fit right in!

Hope you enjoyed this project — looking forward to sharing a few more from the weekend!

Have a great Monday!


Five things for Friday


Missing this view and summer vacation with Jason in Wildwood Crest, N.J. With their boardwalk that looks the same since the 50s, it’s such a nostalgic place. Cape May, N.J. is a short drive, too, and has such adorable stores (including a dog store!) and fun restaurants and bars.


Looking forward to snuggling with these two this weekend. Jersey is on the left and JoJo is on the right.


I am the QUEEN of killing live plants in our house, but after reading about all the advantages/uses of aloe vera [here], I’m going to try and keep this guy alive.


Two of my most favorite decorative pieces live on our bar cart. A geode I’ve had since I was in elementary school and it’s so pretty. The rhino on the right is from my trip to Africa and is hand-carved from ebony wood.


Today’s final part of Friday’s Five is a watercolor painting I did this week. A former co-worker of mine and I were emailing and he ended the last email in our chain with BE ENCOURAGED. I couldn’t help but steal it — not a bad saying to have hanging in your office (the board it’s hanging on will be featured later in a DIY project).

Happy weekend!