Wish List Wednesday: Office Dreams

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Well, I might have gone a LITTLE overboard with online browsing for today’s post! Over the weekend, I was thinking that I may swap with Jason and make his office my closet/workspace. Three seasons ago, Jason spent one year as an area scout and worked out of the house a majority of the time (when he wasn’t on the road). Now that he’s back in the office, I’m wondering if maybe we should swap since Jason was sweet enough to give me the walk-in closet in the master. As much as I LOVE working on the couch, it’d be great to have a designated workspace – it would get all of my crafting materials out of the garage, too!

With that said, I couldn’t help but start looking online at some fun pieces to make the office a bright, inspiring room. Right now, it’s a bright blue, but I’d probably change the color to a very pale, pale blush or a light grey.

It’s hard to pick a favorite piece, but I was happy that Gal Meets Glam x Bauble Bar debuted today because a few of the items immediately caught my eye. I think my favorite is the Geo Metal Picture Fame (11) — so pretty! I love the depth of it!

I also chose a small loveseat/bed so that, if necessary, this room could be a guest room in a pinch. Ikea has such inexpensive options — Overstock had a great one, too, but it was about $200 more!

You may notice there is one thing missing: art (with the exception of the rhino –LOVE — and the gold flowers. I first saw those on Southern Curls and Pearls in yesterday’s post and really like them. I’d previously only seen white, but the gold is so pretty.  If I’m able to make the switch, I’m hoping I can make some DIY art pieces.

Hope you like some of these picks– I’d write more, but I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something and I’m pretty beat. There’s a bug that has been going around the office, so I did my best to get some extra rest last night.

What are some of your favorite/must-have office accessories?

Have a great day!








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