Five Things for Friday

Happy weekend!

I have A LOT planned this weekend – DIY projects, work around the house and a lot of baking! I’m really excited about some of the projects I’m going to work on to share here, as well as some cupcake decorations that I’m SUPER pumped about.


The most beautiful I-know-you’re-having-a-stressful-couple-of-weeks flowers from the hubby. They’re over a week old and still making the house smell amazing! NOLA folks — Frederico’s is incredible.


Special delivery from Chicago! Can’t wait to eat the best deep dish in the world and watch the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU tonight with the hubby.


Scandal is back! Obligatory [small] glass of wine. Still not 100% but it’s a must for #TGIT TV.


Did anyone else completely die over about Darby Stanchfield’s Rubin Singer dress on Scandal? SO GORGEOUS! (Photo from Darby Stanchfield’s Twitter account)


Hope your weekend is as good as the Jersey girl’s night was last night. Laying in the grass with a chew stick?! That’s her version of heaven.

Have a great weekend!



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